Posted by: mmeazaw | March 20, 2011

Microsoft office OneNote Multiple computer support

If you’re frequently on the go, you can use your notebooks across several computers. This is useful when you have:

  • A desktop computer and a laptop at work
  • Several computers at home connected to the same home network
  • A home laptop and a work computer (if you can connect your home laptop to your network at work)

OneNote will automatically
synchronize the changes from each computer.

To be able to open a notebook on multiple computers, all you need to do is put it in a location that each computer can access. When you create a new notebook (File > New > Notebook) pick the option “I will use it on multiple computers” in the New Notebook Wizard and OneNote will guide you through the process:

To see whether a notebook is up to date, check its icon on the Navigation Bar. You can also view sync status by clicking File > Sync.

  • syncing changes
  • up to date
  • working offline

If you want to:

  • Share an existing notebook between multiple computers…
  • Learn about suitable network locations…
  • Troubleshoot synchronization issues…

…view these help topics on the OneNote site on Office Online: Use a notebook on multiple computers and View the notebook synchronization status and resolve conflicts.  for more detail go to


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