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Beer Consumption in Ethiopia

Beer Consumption in Ethiopia

According to the Statistical Abstract of 2007 produced by CSA, breweries in Ethiopia produced 1.56 million hectoliter (19,696,969.77 cases) of beer during 2006 and this represented 37% of all beverage produced by commercial producers. It was second to soft drinks which produced 2 million hectoliter (27,777,777.78 cases=) during the same period and this represented 48%. The rest included wine and other alcoholic spirits.

One hectoliter of beer = (12.626 cases or 303.03 bottle)

19,696,969.77 cases = 472727274.48 cases

There are hard facts that indicate that beer market in Ethiopia has been growing and the breweries are also making profits from their operations. Good instances are that Meta Beer factory and Harar Beer factory that have undertaken substantial expansion projects. It has also become a good source of revenue for the government from excise tax which believed makes the bulk of the selling price of beer. The Government breweries name Bedele, Meta, and Harar are also generating huge profits yearly.

There may be some investment projects in the pipeline, though as the South Africa Brewing company (SABMiller) and the Ethiopian firm, International Beverage Corporation reported failed to raise adequate capital to solicit loans from local sources and as result which the investment projects have been shelved. In addition, a local firm, Star Business Group, which showed interest to build a brewery at Dukem also failed to continue with the project for different reasons. We also learned that Kangaroo business group and other small firms are undertaking a study to establish a brewery.

There are currently five breweries in Ethiopia namely BGI Group (Societe des Brassiere et Glaciers Internationale), Dashen, Harar, Meta and Bedele Factories. Harar Brewery Produces Stout beer named Hakim Stout and also Harar Soft, a nonalcoholic beer intended for the predominantly Muslim population of the area. Because of its proximity to Addis Ababa, 75%- 80% St. George Brewery is draft beer and uses kegs and barrels in addition to St. George beer, BGI Produces Bati and Castel, which was initially intended to export market.

Source Habesha Beer website

Beer factories in Ethiopia Location Year

Dashen Dashen Brewery
Sent George 1926
St. George beer
Bati and Castel
Harer Harer


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