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Independence Dates for Africa

A Chronological List of Independence Dates for Africa.

Rank Country Independence Date Prior ruling country
1st Liberia, Republic of 26-July-1847  
2nd South Africa, Republic of 31-May-10 Britain
3rd Egypt, Arab Republic of 28-Feb-22 Britain
4th Ethiopia
1, People’s Democratic Republic of
5-May-41 Italy
5th Libya (Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) 24-Dec-51 Britain
6th Sudan, Democratic Republic of 1-Jan-56 Britain/Egypt
7th Morocco
2, Kingdom of
2-Mar-56 France 2
8th Tunisia, Republic of 20-Mar-56 France
9th Ghana, Republic of 6-Mar-57 Britain
10th Guinea, Republic of 2-Oct-58 France
11th Cameroon
3, Republic of
1-Jan-60 France
12th Senegal, Republic of 4-Apr-60 France
13th Togo, Republic of 27-Apr-60 France
14th Mali, Republic of 22-Sep-60 France
15th Madagascar, Democratic Republic of 26-Jun-60 France
16th Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the 30-Jun-60 Belgium
17th Somalia, Democratic Republic of 1-Jul-60 Britain
18th Benin, Republic of 1-Aug-60 France
19th Niger, Republic of 3-Aug-60 France
20th Burkina Faso, Popular Democratic Republic of 5-Aug-60 France
21st Côte d’Ivoire, Republic of (Ivory Coast) 7-Aug-60 France
22nd Chad, Republic of 11-Aug-60 France
23rd Central African Republic 13-Aug-60 France
24th Congo (Brazzaville), Republic of the 15-Aug-60 France
25th Gabon, Republic of 17-Aug-60 France
26th Nigeria
4, Federal Republic of
1-Oct-60 Britain
27th Mauritania, Islamic Republic of 28-Nov-60 France
28th Sierra Leone, Republic of 27-Apr-61 Britain
29th Tanzania, United Republic of 9-Dec-61 Britain
30th Burundi, Republic of 1-Jul-62 Belgium
31st Rwanda, Republic of 1-Jul-62 Belgium
32nd Algeria, Democratic and Popular Republic of 3-Jul-62 France
33rd Uganda, Republic of 9-Oct-62 Britain
34th Kenya, Republic of 12-Dec-63 Britain
35th Malawi, Republic of 6-Jul-64 Britain
36th Zambia, Republic of 24-Oct-64 Britain
37th Gambia, Republic of The 18-Feb-65 Britain
38th Botswana, Republic of 30-Sep-66 Britain
39th Lesotho, Kingdom of 4-Oct-66 Britain
40th Mauritius, State of 12-Mar-68 Britain
41st Swaziland, Kingdom of 6-Sep-68 Britain
42nd Equatorial Guinea, Republic of 12-Oct-68 Spain
43rd Guinea-Bissau, Republic of 10-Sep-74 Portugal
44th Mozambique, Republic of 25-Jun-75 Portugal
45th Cape Verde, Republic of 5-Jul-75 Portugal
46th Comoros, Federal Islamic Republic of the 6-Jul-75 France
47th São Tomé and Principe, Democratic Republic of 12-Jul-75 Portugal
48th Angola, People’s Republic of 11-Nov-75 Portugal
49th Western Sahara
28-Feb-76 Spain
50th Seychelles, Republic of 29-Jun-76 Britain
51st Djibouti, Republic of 27-Jun-77 France
52nd Zimbabwe, Republic of 18-Apr-80 Britain
53rd Namibia, Republic of 21-Mar-90 South Africa
54th Eritrea, State of 24-May-93 Ethiopia



1. Ethiopia is usually considered to have never been colonised, but following the invasion by Italy in 1935-36 Italian settlers arrived. Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed and went into exile in the UK. He regained his throne on 5 May 1941 when he re-entered Addis Ababa with his troops. Italian resistance was not completely overcome until 27th November 1941.
2. Also for Morocco:
Morocco (Spanish Northern Zone, Marruecos) 7 April 1956 Spain
Morocco (International Zone, Tangiers) 29 October 1956 –
Morocco (Spanish Southern Zone, Marruecos) 27 April 1958 Spain
Morocco (Ifni) 30 June 1969 Spain

4. Also for Cameroon
Cameroon (British Cameroon South) 1 October 1961 Britain
6. Also for Nigeria
Nigeria (British Cameroon North) 1 June 1961 Britain
8. Western Sahara was immediately seized by Morocco, a move contested by Polisario (Popular Front for the Liberation of the Saguia el Hamra and Rio del Oro).


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